Good job on Mathcounts!

Good job to Allan for getting first in Countdown Round, and being the first overall winner of Mathcounts Nationals from Alabama! We’re proud of your hard work and sweat!

Good job to team Alabama for getting 11th!

Good job to Sohan for qualifying for Nationals from CT!

USAJMO and AMC awards

Good job to Adrita for getting an AMC 10B award for women:


Good job to Andrew for getting USAJMO honorable mention, for a new definition of honorable mention.


Good job to all those who qualified for an olympiad this year and all those who reached their AMC goals or improved from last year.

Remember not to take contest scores as a measure of your self worth, and remember that contest scores do not always reflect your improvement.

2022 JMO/AMO

Good job to Allan and Andrew for qualifying for JMO!

Good job to Princeton for qualifying for AMO!

Huge shoutout to Sid and Vincent for preparing so hard for the olympiads that they can solve and write up solutions to olympiad problems better than anyone else in the Advanced class!

Best of luck to everyone on the AIME next year, regardless of your performance this year.