Other Math Programs

These are other math programs I am aware of or am fond of and would highly recommend. If you are looking for college math courses or extracurricular math topics not found on math competitions and school math, feel free to look into these.

College/graduate level math year-round:

Euler Circle

High School Summer Camps:

Canada/USA Mathcamp – get to explore a range of topics, great culture
HCSSiM get to explore a range of topics, great culture
Ross – number theory for first year’s
PROMYS – Number theory for first year’s
Mathily – discrete math topics/exploration
AwesomeMath – competition math, now held online.
See here for more details

Middle School Math Camps:
MathPath – explore a range of topics, great culture

Olympiad math training programs:
OTIS – self study program for olympiad math (highly recommend)
WOOT – AoPS’s olympiad prep program.

Intro Math Competition Prep:
TheBeautyofMath – a program similar to mine, introductory classes and AMC 8/10/12 prep.

Extracurricular Math Videos:

3blue1brown (highly recommended) – Grant has great visual animations and great explanations for a variety of topics.

Twitch Solves ISL: Olympiad problem live solves – Evan Chen live solves olympiad math problems with help from twitch chat.

The Beauty of Math– James has great videos on math competition prep advice and solutions videos for past AMC problems.

The Math Sorcerer– Helpful advice for those getting started with college math, as well as studying mindset/mentality

SoME (Summer of Math Exposition) – videos made for Grant Sanderson’s (3blue1brown’s) math exposition contest – many great videos

I am also a fan of Richard Borcherd’s youtube videos, as well as Timothy Gower’s.

Recommended links:

Olympiad math and Putnam prep:
Poh Shen Loh (Putnam) (Olympiad)
Yufei Zhao (Putnam) (Olympiad)
Evan Chen

Math Blogs
Annoying Precision – Qiaochu Yuan – great exposition on high level math topics

Learning math (Evan Chen)
Dennis Chen

Expository papers:
Expository papers on undergrad math topics (Keith Conrad)