“Receiving help from Xinke has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my relatively young life. Aware of his expertise, I couldn’t resist accepting his tutelage. However, I couldn’t have envisioned his strength as a teacher. When working with Xinke, it was clear that he was both passionate about me and the inner workings of math. His lessons inspired me to seek a deeper enjoyment of math. Furthermore, his methodology of consoling my mistakes and celebrating my successes led to further progress. I cannot thank him enough for my success, and working with him is an easy choice I’d readily make.”

-Tanuj Alapati, 2017 USAMO qualifier, Chief Instructor at Eat Pie Institute of Mathematics.

“If I had the opportunity and time to learn from him again, I wouldn’t hesitate and would take him as my teacher in a heartbeat! Learning from Xinke has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It never mattered to him how long it took me to know a concept as long as I understood it completely at the end. The most important quality I learned from him is the patience to work through my mistakes and try again. Through my perseverance and hard work, my knowledge of mathematical problem solving has drastically increased through his patience and understanding. I am grateful for the time and effort he had given me in his teachings.”

-Jason Lee, 2017 AIME qualifier.

“As an International student living in China, I struggled to find a math teacher that was effective, able to work with my time zone, and taught in English. That’s why when I discovered Xinke’s classes, I was delighted to give it a try as it seemed to cover all my needs. That was one of the best decisions I made pertaining math in my life. When Xinke taught me, he was patient and helped me understand each of the problems. We considered multiple solutions and focused on the importance of the process rather than the answer. With Xinke’s help, I was able to achieve a distinction award in the Mathleague contest (China Region) and a Silver award in the Kangaroo Math contest. I am so grateful for all of his lessons, and if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to continue my math journey with him.”

-Erica Pan

In 2020, I was looking for a good math teacher that could help me make a push for USAMO. I was very lucky when I found Xinke. Xinke has a great wealth of math knowledge to share and is very skillful in communicating it to students. He also has many invaluable resources that helped me polish old concepts and explore new ones. Xinke’s greatest strength as a teacher is his compassion and desire to help his students. Whenever I had a math question, Xinke was always eager to help, both by engaging in meaningful math discussion and finding outside resources to further address the areas I was unsure about. His passion for math is contagious and he has cultivated a fun environment for students who are passionate about math competitions to discuss and enjoy together.

-Kevin W., USAMO qualifier

In the 15 months that I took classes with Xinke, my math skills improved a lot. Xinke taught me not just formulas and methods, but the why and how behind them. This helped me learn them easier, as well as deepened my understanding of mathematics as a whole. If I didn’t get a concept, Xinke was always very patient and explained it to me in a way I could better understand. Overall, Xinke is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher and I am very lucky that I had the chance to take lessons with him.

-Justin X.