A list of congratulations

As I typically am reserved about congratulating certain students in front of other students, there is a long backlog of congrats to be said that I think are better left said then left unsaid.

Congrats to Tina for placing first in the 7th grade prealgebra test at the local Pizitz tournament this year!

Congrats to Shlok for placing 4th at this year’s CMIMC (Cargenie Mellon) Division 2 combinatorics and CS test!

Congrats to Allan and Anthony for making Mathcounts nationals at all!

Congrats to team Lolfram for scoring a 24/30 on Purple Comet.

Congrats to Adrita for being a top 5 female scorer on the AMC 10A in the North East region.

Congrats to Anya for getting accepted to PROMYS.

There are many things I could say, but congrats to everyone for accomplishing some subset of your math goals this year! Remember to go at your own pace and not feel behind just because you started math competitions 5 years later than someone else. For those more experienced, remember why you love math in the first place, and keep working hard as a result of it!

If you missed some of your major goals for this year, try not to be discouraged for long, and work hard to hit next year’s goal!

I will try to highlight smaller accomplishments for beginners and larger accomplishments for more experienced competitors in the future.

Math Path 2021

Congratulations to Tina, Keith, and Josh for being accepted to Math Path!

Math Path is an excellent middle school summer camp. The curriculum at Math Path goes beyond what is normally tested on Math competitions.

We hope you enjoy your time learning about topics such as elliptical geometry, error correcting codes, and more!

Mathcounts Nationals

Congratulations to Allan for placing 6th in Mathcounts Nationals! This is an amazing feat, especially in today’s day and age.

Allan took lessons very briefly with us at Xinke’s Math Academy. Much of his success can be attributed to him working very hard on his own, and for previously taking classes at Birmingham Math Academy.

We commend Allan for his hard work, and wish him the best in his future studies.

Congratulations XMA Students!

Congratulations to Kevin for making the USAMO!

Congratulations to Anthony and Ethan for making the USAJMO!

Congratulations to former student Allan for making the USAJMO!

And congratulations to Anthony and Allan for making Mathcounts Nationals!

We are proud of your hard work in reaching your goals.