Policies and Payment


Group Lesson Rates:
2 person: $40 an hour
3 person: $35 an hour
4-5 person: $30 an hour
6 or more students: $25 an hour.

Update: See classes page for more info. These rates are approximate as of 2023

*If an extra student joins mid-month, the new rate will not apply until the following month.

Private Lesson Rates:
Private lesson rate is $80/hour or $60/45 minutes, but my private lesson slots are currently full. Contact me if you want to be added to my waitlist. It is also necessary to be in a group lesson with me concurrently while taking private lessons with me. See the new private lessons tab.

You can also check out my list of recommended tutors for private lessons.

I ask that you pay for each month’s lessons at the start of each month. Payments can be made through Paypal or Venmo or Zelle. My name is Xinke Guo-Xue and my email is xinkeguoxue@gmail.com for all three payment methods.
See here:

Payment Policies


For group lessons, if you must miss a lesson, there is no refund. I will, however, record all group lessons and upload them to a shared Dropbox folder, for you to review at your leisure, along with any problem sets and notes from class. I will provide the Dropbox link after each class separately.

If I must cancel a group lesson, the payment for that class will be carried over to the next month.

If you cannot make a class for an extended period of time due to a schedule conflict, but want to self study from that class’s notes/problem sets/recordings, I will charge 50% of the classes cost:

For private lessons, if either you or I must cancel a lesson, nothing will be charged for that lesson. If you must miss a lesson, feel free to ask me to reschedule it, though it is hard to do so successfully as my after-school schedule is often busy.

Self studying a (group) class: 50% the cost.

Recordings will be sent by email after each class.

Note: Starting December 2021, I am no longer offering any discounts for students taking multiple classes at once with me.

Missing 3 or more weeks class

If you must miss 3 or more consecutive weeks of class in a row, you should let me know beforehand. I will either not charge you for those weeks, or charge 40% if you want the recordings to the classes you missed, so you can catch up after you rejoin my classes. This happens mainly during the summer, but can also apply during the school year.

If a student will take more than 3 weeks of lessons from me, they can join my student discord. If I forget to send the invite to you, send me a reminder. All questions about homework should be asked on my student discord. All hw/test submissions should be done privately over email.