FAQ and Policies

How do I sign up?
Contact me, Xinke, at xinkeguoxue@gmail.com to schedule an informal interview. I will use this meeting to get to know you or your child and determine which classes you or your child should take.

How often do classes run?
Classes will be run every week.

How are classes run?
All classes are currently taught on Zoom.

How long is a group class?
Most classes will be 2 hours. If for smaller groups of 2 or 3 students, classes may be 1.5 hours.

How many students are there per class?
Class sizes vary between 3 and 12 students currently. We will likely cap each class around 12-15 students.

When do I pay?
I ask that you pay at the start of each month for that month’s lessons. I will send out an email at the start of each month indicating how much tuition is for that month.

How do I pay?
Currently, you can pay me via Paypal or Venmo or Zelle at xinkeguoxue@gmail.com (Xinke Guo-Xue). The name and email is the same for all three payment methods.

What happens if I miss a group lesson?
No refunds are given for missing a group lesson. I will record all group lessons via Zoom. You will be able to access the recording of each class in a shared Dropbox folder. You will also be given the missed class notes and problem set.

What happens if I miss a private lesson?
You need to let me know before hand if you will miss a private lesson. I will not charge for missed private lessons. The payment can be carried over to the next month. This section no longer applies as I am not longer offering private lessons.

What happens if Xinke must cancel a lesson?
If I must cancel a lesson, the payment for the missed lesson will be applied to the next month. This applies to both private and group lessons.

Are you currently taking new private lesson students?
All my private lesson slots are full, but if you want to be added to the waitlist, which is non-empty currently, feel free to email me.

When do courses start and end?
I am currently running courses for certain groups of students on a continual rolling basis – as soon as we finish one topic, we move on to the next. For instance, after 10 weeks of combinatorics, we may immediately start 10 weeks of number theory next. In some classes, the focus is on reviewing past math competition tests. Most classes will run year-round. Students may join (and leave) classes in the middle of a course.

Why should I take lessons from you?

One common answer to these type of questions is that “because you want to learn about subject X at roughly level Y”, and “I currently offer a course on subject X at level Y”, you should sign up for my class. This is a perfectly valid and fine reason to join one of my classes.

Another reason that some people may not consider is the social aspect. Having someone more experienced to talk to or ask questions from can make the experience of learning math more social and fun. This in terms makes the process of learning math more engaging and makes it easier to stay motivated learning math. And I certainly hope students can make friends with each other through my classes. I also certainly hope that my classes can make some of my students like math a bit better, though this is a function of the student’s interest more than my teaching ability or charisma.

While I have fond memories of my time doing math competitions, most of the longer lasting memories I have are with the people I met while doing math competitions or attending math summer camps – I remember almost nothing of the problems themselves. I usually hope that my students can say the same after they are done with their days as mathletes.

More questions?
Feel free to contact me at xinkeguoxue@gmail.com if you have more questions.