Current Course Info

Current course info (last updated August 4 2021). All times are CST.

Intermediate B:
Runs Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm CST.
10 weeks of Intermediate Counting and Probability starting August 5
Intermediate Geometry afterwards.

Runs Monday 7-9pm CST.
Starting 10 weeks of advanced number theory starting August 7.
Advanced Euclidean geometry next

AMC 10/12 Prep:
Runs Saturdays 6:45 – 8:45pm CST.
Covering some Algebra 2 topics. Will review AMC 10/12 questions every other week as well.

Advanced Middle School
Runs 4:45-5:45pm CST Thursdays and 4:45-5:45pm CST Fridays each week.
Currently covering Intermediate Number Theory unit, started July 29.
More Intermediate Algebra may follow

Mathcounts A
Sundays 9:25-11:25am CST
Currently covering a detailed geometry unit. AoPS Geometry book required.
Will cover Intermediate algebra next.

Intro B
Tuesdays 7-8:30pm CST
Currently covering introductory number theory, at a medium to hard level.
Current NT unit started June 16

Intro A Mathcounts/Algebra
Saturdays 1:30-3pm CST.
Currently covering basic algebra I topics, such as systems of equations, and factoring quadratics.

Olympiad Office Hours
Starting June 13th tentatively.
Wednesdays 7-9pm CST tentatively.
Will cover introductory Olympiad material for students preparing for USA(J)MO. Open to current and former students.

Contact me if you are interested in a course covering something else. If there is enough interest, I may decide to open another course.