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Current course info (last updated Feb 20, 2023). All times are CST.

You should email me at to inquire about starting lessons. I usually meet briefly with new students to get to know them first.

You should also email Xinke at for a copy of the interview in google form format if you prefer not to meet with Xinke before your first lesson for some reason.

Intermediate B:
Runs Sundays 1-3pm CST 
Currently doing Geometry
$50 per class
Year Round Syllabus
Sample Unit syllabus

AMC 10/12 Prep:
Runs Saturdays 6:45 – 8:15pm CST.
Doing AMC 10/12 review in fall. On year 2015 on Sept 4.
$40 per class

Intermediate Algebra
Tuesdays 7-8:30pm CST
Covering Intermediate Algebra. Uses the AoPS Intermediate Algebra textbook.
$45 per class

Beginner Mathcounts/AMC 8
Sundays 4:45-6:15pm CST.
Covers and reviews questions from past School and Chapter Mathcounts tests. Also covers medium AMC 8 level questions.
Will run at least until mid April.
$40 per class

Advanced Mathcounts/AMC 8
Saturdays 3:15-4:45pm CST.
Covers and reviews past Mathcounts State and National level tests.
Also covers hard AMC 8 level questions.
Will run at least until the end of May 2023
$40 per class.

Algebra I
Wednesdays 7-8pm CST
$30 per class
Starting chapter 1 of AoPS Intro Algebra September 7th.

Intro AIME: (canceled)
Sundays 6:30-8:30pm CST
$45 per class
Covers Algebra, NT, CP, Geometry for the AIME, for those wishing to score a 5-8 on the AIME.
Dec 4, 2022 to Feb 19, 2023.

Advanced (paused):
Currently doing a 10 week Combinatorics Unit. Started Nov 28.
Monday 7-8:30pm CST.
$45 per class
Fill out interest form if interested in this unit for a future Number Theory unit.

Contact me if you are interested in a course covering something else. If there is enough interest, I may decide to open another course.

It’d be preferred if you can have your webcams on for classes from now on. If you don’t have a functioning camera, please ask your parents to get a camera for you. Some webcams can go for as cheap as $25 online. This way I can better gauge if people are following along or have questions while I teach.

Note: The intermediate class runs:
Intermediate NT-summer (June – Aug)
Intermediate Counting/Prob-Fall (Sept-Nov)
Interm Geo (Winter ) (Nov-Feb)
Interm Miscellaneous topics (Feb-May)

Every 3-6 months, I try to do a student check-in with every student in a group lesson. This is just to check-in with each individual student to ask how you are finding my classes, for you to give feedback about the way I teach. (There is usually not time for these kinds of conversations to happen with each student individually in group lessons). If you are not contacted about this every 3-6 months, feel free to email me to remind me.